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Dots IT Girl - Olga Shtaba


Olga Shtaba has officially proven her fashion chops by teaming up with Georgian & Ukrainian designers . She is an owner and founder of Portrait Store (Kyiv,Ukraine) .
Olga has visited Tbilisi for many times and it feels like she found her stride in this city . She is always energized and particularly excited during Tbilisi Fashion Week , always seeking emotional, inspirational pieces and sources , that are different from what she already has.
She was one of the earliest people to export Georgian-designer made outwear to the Ukrainian market.

Olga is a frequenter in our store and cafe , she is searching for the key pieces of each season, combining them with more easy pieces and reflecting their unique style and approach to fashion. . "Morning starts with Dots Tbilisi " she writes on her instagram account.

She is obviously our It Girl !

I can assure you with this shooting !

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