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"Smells Like Teen Spirit "


Photographer - Zakaria Chelidze
@barbiereneee Wearing DOTS red bomber

The story - ​Gurur Duyguli and Hakan Cakir


Gurur Duyguli and Hakan Cakir are from Istanbul . They just travel and they know that drinking coffee is pleasure , but with friends is treasure

Come in DOTS

The Guide - What To Wear For Prom ?


See our catalogue of ideas for prom - simplicity of the formal looks
"A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life" - Rachel Ray. Be epicurean, enjoy life and find your perfect gown! #weargeorgian

Denim-on-denim Collection in DOTS


Cool beauty ways to rock your own look ! Check our new denim collection #denim-on-denim , that makes a cool comeback for spring . Let's get back to the essentials . #weargeorgian
Model : Kato Sultanishvili

Top 5 Tricky Trends And Daily Finds In DOTS

1. DOTS leather boots are the pairs to wear now .

2 Dots shirt
There's nothing like classic stripes, especially when you give them a cool edge with Crosty sneakers or a pair of Dots leather boots

3. Crosty Sneakers -is a sleek brand of leather sneakers handcrafted in Georgia, and inspired by the very story of Georgia where no mass production existed, the manufacture of shoes required great skill.

4. Khoshtrik - Earrings, Detail Design and Jewelry Accessories

5. DOTS denim - Only Jeans and nothing else is needed to rock your casual spring outfits !

Yayoi Kusama - DOTS


" I discovered about 150 DOTS is the minimum number of dots to make a specific recognizable person. You can make something that looks like a head , with fewer dots , but you won't be able to give much information about who it is " - Yayoi Kusama

Camisole tops - Season's wear now in DOTS


Attention shoppers !
New wear now in DOTS Tbilisi !

Camisole tops really rock this season and you should double your wardrobe . It is a best decision when you wear skinny jeans , classic jacket , ankle sandals , zipper flare pants , bombers , blazer , ankle boots and flat low top trainers .
“There’s no shame in an oldie but goodie.”

Photo: (From left) Photo: Courtesy of Yana Bovenistiersi / @bovenistiersi; Courtesy of Joan Smalls / @joansmalls

DOTS New Collection Photographed By Atu Gelovani


Short Bio

Atu Gelovani was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1994. He works on various conceptual artworks along with experimental photography and installations. He graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, from which he gained Bachelor of Arts in the field of Architecture. In 2016 he received the grant and attended the course ‘Public Space’ led by feld72 Architects at Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts. With a conceptual approach, Gelovani tries to evolve forms as an abstract substance that are out of logical criteria, but are based on subjective associations, which incite the viewer to make new personal perceptions. His works precisely respond to the surrounding environment. Frequently concentrating on the shapes and materials reveals subtle minimalistic rhythm. By attempting distinctive experiments, he creates an aesthetics that unites most of his pieces. In 2016 his work ‘Dotted’ was featured in Der Greif Magazine ‘A Process 2’ during the Krakow Photomonth Festival, curated by Lars Willumeit. His works were exhibited in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Austria.


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