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Sopo Papiashvli Photo Exhibition In DOTS Tbilisi


Yesterday was the opening of Sopo Papiashvili photo exhibition. This is a final stage of the creative process. Female artistic black and white portraits reflected individual soul and nature .
Dates: January 6 – January 20 , 2017
Location : Dots Tbilisi ( 22 Kote Apkhazi (Leselidze) stree

The story- Alexander Weber


Alexander Weber is from Switzerland. He is primarily a 3D designer specialized in the visualization of ideas for Film, Architecture and Design.He is for holidays for 4th time in Tbilisi.

Dots is one of his favorite quite workplaces in our old city , where he feels efficiently and healthily with mac and good caffè Americano

Oksana On - a stylist and a fashion blogger


Oksana On is a stylist and a fashion blogger , the former fashion editor of Glamour Russia and SNC Magazine

Photo @jonthatsme

Coat @dotstbilisi
Beauty @houseoffame_beauty

DOTS New Beige Collection


DOTS New Beige Collection
Models : Nataly Razmadze
Mariam Tsukilashvili
Photo Credit : Saba Mosiashvili

The story - Indiana from france


Today this cool girl came in DOTS cafe . Indiana is half-armenian and lives in France. She adores photography and hot delicious coffee !!

The story - Dmitry from Moscow


Dmitry Nikolaev is from large, bright and airy city with frozen pathways where you can see a bitterly cold, exotic land of fur hats, onion domes capped in frost, and hearty foods and beverages developed to stave off freezing temperatures.

He is from Moscow , came in our cafe frozen to drink hot delicious DOTS latte <3

DOTS featured on Yahoo Style


"Dots is a new contemporary brand and concept store, right next door to Matériel, created by the Fashion House Materia earlier this year. It is dedicated to working with local, young Georgian designers to produce beautifully crafted, innovative, stylish clothing at a much more affordable price point.

As punctilious as Dots is about the design of its products, it is equally as thoughtful about the design and aesthetic of the stores, which are located in Tbilisi and the Hilton Hotel Batumi, in the Adjara region. The Georgian architect George Mosulishvili designed the Tbilisi-based concept store. He helped preserve the historical integrity of the building, but gave it a modern, clean finish synonymous with the brand’s aesthetic. The store features a much wider assortment of ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, and accessories than Matériel’s tighter, curated high-end collection."

Click the link to see the full article :

Korin Avraham in DOTS


Korin Avraham , founder of fashion and lifestyle Web site YA SALAM FASHION BLOG has visited Georgia during Tbilisi Fashion Week . She wrote an articleabout her favorite designers , all inspired by strong women.

After fashionable Georgian dive Korin shared "Top 5" must-see places in Tbilisi and one of them was DOTS.

"Shop – Dots, Tbilisi. A new Georgian fashion brand and concept store, offering unique concept of young and talented Georgian designers creating brand-new and innovative collections in affordable prices."

Photo credit : Anna Batsikadze
Korin Avraham Wearing Dots Red Vest during TFW

Photo Credit : Reuben Moore

Here you can see the full post :

The story - Charlotte And Benedict


Nice and cossy coffee shop . But sometimes noisy kids. The table full of fruit juices , wastepapers and pencils. Children are creative entities awaiting to release their imagination and transpose it into fun crafts that will keep them entertained and connected with the environment. So parents are not tired, hungry, overexcited by the noise and confusion while shopping.

This family is from Berlin. Their friend Hannah was in Tbilisi a month ago and she told them about our store and cafe . They have two super crazy and cool kids : Balthasar and August.
You can find out a really interesting "gallery" of young artists . The masterpieces are painted by the kids who visited our store .

‘SEROTONIN’ - A collaboration workby young Georgian artists Atu Gelovani and Tinna Siradze


‘SEROTONIN’ is a collaboration workby young Georgian artists Atu Gelovani and Tinna Siradze, which explores the concept of Art intervention. Associated with the DADA movement and Neo-Dadaists, concept of Art Intervention deals the interaction with a previously existing Artwork.

In consequence of interacting the text on photographs we obtain the new artwork leading to individual perceptions.

Atu Gelovani (b. 19 September, 1994; Tbilisi, Georgia)


2016 – Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg, Austria

2012 – 2016 – Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Bachelor of Architecture, Tbilisi, Georgia


2016 – ‘AETHER’, Public Installation, Museum of public space, Salzburg, Austria

2016 – ‘/rɛstəˈr (ə) n/’, ‘8x8. The Future that Never Happened’, Tbilisi, Georgia

2016 – ‘Dotted’, Der Greif »A Process 2.0«, Krakow Photomonth Festival, Krakow, Poland

2016 – ‘Gasoline’, Pasa-Página: days of the Artist’s Book, Chisinau, Moldova

2016 – ‘Gasoline’, Book Arsenal International Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 – ‘WHAT IF/ THEN’, TAB Exhibition, Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 – ‘Inspiration’, Tbilisi Book Days, Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 – ‘Untitled’, Fabjam light Design, Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 – ‘49 Circles’, Light Installation, Tbilisi, Georgia


2016 – F-Stop Magazine – ISSUE #79: Human Body, ISSUE#74: Wonder-Full

2016 – Der Greif Magazine – ‘A Process 2.0’

2015 – Der Greif Magazine – Guest-Room: Kim Knoppers

2013 – CZE Magazine – ISSUE #14 Plants

2013 – Capricious Magazine – Photographer of the Week #55

Tinna Siradze (b. 01 July, 1995; Tbilisi, Georgia)


2016 – Creative Peace Building Residency Program, course ‘Art and War’, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 – Still – Ilia State University, Bachelor of Art History


2016 – ‘Mind Occupation’, ‘NE MIR’, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 – ‘THEY TOLD ME THERE WAS A MARBLE PALACE’, Art Villa Garikula, Tsereteli Palace, Garikula, Georgia

2016 – ‘Brain Fuck’, Museum of Word, Literature Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

2016 – ‘Inspiration’, Travelling Art Books Exhibition/Sale, Artarea Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

2016 – ‘Inspiration’, TAB Exhibition, Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 – ‘Untitled’, TBC Video Art Competition ‘In Front of You’, TBC ART WALL, Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 – ‘Untitled’, FabJam lighting exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia

2015 – ‘Inspiration’, Georgian Artist’s Book exhibition, Tbilisi, Georgia


Third Place - TBC Video Art Competition ‘In Front of You’


2016 - Magazine Indigo - Issue #3

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