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Dots IT Girl - Olga Shtaba


Olga Shtaba has officially proven her fashion chops by teaming up with Georgian & Ukrainian designers . She is an owner and founder of Portrait Store (Kyiv,Ukraine) .
Olga has visited Tbilisi for many times and it feels like she found her stride in this city . She is always energized and particularly excited during Tbilisi Fashion Week , always seeking emotional, inspirational pieces and sources , that are different from what she already has.
She was one of the earliest people to export Georgian-designer made outwear to the Ukrainian market.

Olga is a frequenter in our store and cafe , she is searching for the key pieces of each season, combining them with more easy pieces and reflecting their unique style and approach to fashion. . "Morning starts with Dots Tbilisi " she writes on her instagram account.

She is obviously our It Girl !

I can assure you with this shooting !

The story - Isaac Winsley


The man lives on an island south of the Pacific Ocean. A place with diverse scenery packed into a compact geography, with plenty of roads detouring to spectacular and remote locations.

Black-sand beaches whipped by Tasman Sea surf; a provincial capital with a surprising world-class art scene. After enjoying stunningly beautiful sceneries of New Zealand, Isaac Winsley is now looking for new adventures in the city of Tbilisi. Luckily, the first spot he visited upon arrival in Tbilisi was Dots coffee shop. After a brief discussion with the man, he was quick to express the attractiveness towards the conceptual design of the store while sipping our delicious coffee, which he found no less satisfying than the aesthetic of our infrastructure.

“What's a rainy day without some delicious coffee-flavoured loneliness?” ― Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

The story - Miro and Mahy


Scientists have known for man years that coffee stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine produces the euphoria and pleasant feelings that people often associate with their first cup of coffee in the morning . If you come in Dots Cafe , you will be vigilant , attentive and happy.

You'll find that life is still worthwhile when you drink some double espresso and speak to your partner with smile on your face.

You see our guests Miro and Mahy . Miro is form Iran and Mahy from Egept . They met in Tbilisi and Dots Cafe is their meeting point now.These two persons share positive and love . Come and get your curative doze of stimulants - Be happpy .

Tamar Maghlaperidze in DotsTbilisi


Dots Tbilisi is not an ordinary fashion store. It's your daily relaxation and art place , where you can find some antique furniture , old magazines and art masterpieces too . Today I want to introduce you young Georgian artist Tamar Maghlaperidze who wows us again with large-scale figurative paintings of real persons ! See the gallery and read some information about artist. And don't forget to come in Dots!

Chupa Chups , oil on canvas 130x100


1995-2006 School 164 , Tbilisi
2004-2007 Manual knitting of carpets . M .Toidze Art Professional education center
2006-2010 Bachelor of Visual Art . Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (TSSA)
2010-2012 Master of Visual Art . Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (TSSA)

Work experience:
2003-present - Ilia State University . Associated Professor
2010-2012 Art Gallery " Tiflis Avenue " art consultant

Exhibitions :
2016 Personal exhibition . Gamrekeli Gallery
2015 "Untitled". Collective exhibition . Tbilisi History Museum
2014 "Unknown Georgia " . Collective Exhibition . Gallery "Daliko" .Krems an der Donau . Austria .
2014 "Descriptions" . Georgian audiovisual art exhibition . Georgia National Music Center
2013 "90's Georgia " Collective exhibition . Former building of old newspaper "Communist"
2013 "CINEMA 2 D " .Collective exhibition . Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
2012 "Quarantine" . Collective exhibition. Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla)
2012 “Creative Path Studio” . Tiflis Avenue @ National Bank of Georgia
2012 "Another 8 March" Europe House .Tbilisi ; Georgia
2012 "Georgian Young Painter " . Lado Gudiashvili Gallery .
2011 "Made in Georgia " Collective exhibition . L&S Gallery , Moscow , Russia
2011 "One Moment Video" Collective exhibition . Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts
2011 "Georgian Syndrome" . Collective exhibition . K-Art Gallery . Almaty , Kazakhstan .
2011 "Fabulous Friday Event " . Charity art collective exhibition for handicapped children .
2011 "My Art " . TBC Bank Gallery . Tbilisi , Georgia
2011 "Portrait" . Collective exhibition . T.Tumanishvili Doll Museum. Tbilisi , Georgia
2011 "Ships And Houses" Collective exhibition . New Art Café . Tbilisi ,Georgia
2010 "One Day " Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.
2010 Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco exhibition . Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
2010 " 12 Days" Student exhibition .
2010 Personal exhibition . Gallery "Academy" Tbilisi , Georgia
2010 "Dynamics" Student collective project,
2010 "Message From Academy" Collective exhibition . Akhaltsikhe , Georgia
2009 "Nations's voice 2009 " Student Festival . Tbilisi , Georgia
2008 " Signagi in the fall 2008"

2007 Collective exhibition . Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Untitled oil on canvas 100x100

20.09.05-11- 2014 . Archeological project "Not just history " (European Voluntary Service Erasmus + fond " Open Service" ) Veliki Preslav , Bulgaria
"Reverse Brain Drain Selected "
"Behance Portfolio Review Tbilisi "
Arte Marbella . Batumi
Workshop _Uzupis Art Incubator . Vilnius , Lithuania
Workshop " Seeing in colour"

Illustration of books:
"Short stories and fairytales" by Viktor Lejava

Teen Dots


Shop the season's latest teens trends. Free delivery options available. New collection specifically to young souls ,easy to find clothes to fit any budget and style. Discover the latest fashion trends and how to wear them to school, parties, and more!

Angel babies in DOTS KIDS collection


Dots Kids collection is now available in our stores !
Designers : Tapo Shotadze
Likuna Chitaia

The Story - Bob Delloy


If you ask that man the things he loves most , what will be the answer ? If you know he is from Paris , middle aged and with book in his hands .
The answer is simple : drinking coffee and reading the books in a sidewalk cafe . His name is Bob Delloy . Parisian's choice was hot double-shot cappuccino. The name of this book was "ULTIMATUM" by Simon Kernick .
"Bestselling author Simon Kernick will leave you breathless with his sheer storytelling power in this race-against-time thriller about a terrorist threat in London. An explosion blasts through a cafe in Central London. Minutes later, a call from an unknown terror group warns that a far greater attack will be launched in twelve hours time. William Garrett, nicknamed Fox, is awaiting trial for mass murder. He claims he can name the bombers but only at a price. It s a terrifying race against time for Detective Inspector Mike Bolt and Deputy Commissioner Tina Boyd as they chase their targets across the city in a desperate bid to prevent a major atrocity before it s too late As shocking revelations are unveiled, you ll be racing to the last page as fast as the characters in "Ultimatum." As #1 "New York Times" bestselling author Harlan Coben says, Simon Kernick writes with his foot pressed hard on the pedal. Hang on tight! "

Dots Kids


New kids collection
Designer : Tapo Shotadze


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