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The Story - Homeland


It was raining outside but Dots cafe was full of people annoyed by weather . They were drinking coffee and talkin' to each other loudly and emotionally. I sat at the little table and started reading some magazine when some guy asked me if he could use the charger for mobile . After simple communication I found out 3 interesting persons : Tal Rabinovsky , Ariel Matzner and Silvia Rosenstein . Tal and Ariel were from Israel and Silvia from Argentina . It was their third visit in Dots cafe which turned out one of their favorite places in Old Tbilisi. They were ordinary travelers before Tal started telling his family story related to Georgia.

Tal Rabinovsky : "We have actually been planning this trip for the last 10 years. My grandparents mother and uncle left Georgia 43 years ago and moved to Israel, since then my mother and uncle never visited their homeland. My grandparents came to visit five years ago for the first time together (my grandfather visited Tbilisi, 11 years ago, with another relative).

So in the last decade my mother promised me that we will have a big trip with all the family in the capital and the rest of the country. But the only four months ago the idea came through a plan. Last week we arrived Tbilisi and an extended crew: my grandparents, my mother her boyfriend, my sister, my brother his wife and their baby girl, my partner and I, and his mother from Argentina.

On the first day near our hotel by Kote Apchazi street we found the perfect cafe for us: Dots - a great combination of tastes and fashion, I knew I'll return again when we'll be back from our trip around the country. We traveled for 5 days around the country: Kazbegi, Mtskheta, Gori, Borjomi, Prometheus caves, Vardzia caves, Rabati fortress, Kutaisi and many more.

On our last weekend we had a special surprise: my uncle came with one of his suns and the group was almost completely full. A perfect first trip to Georgia in the best combination, it was a big fun and quite emotional."

From the Left : Silvia , Tal , Ariel

Dots KIDS collection presentation


Today was a presentation of Dots KIDS dreamiest collection . This yummy chaos event was a really big playground full of cotton and jelly candy for little angel babies.

Colorful collection focused on fun, modern and playful styles for babies, boys and girls . Candy printing , classic, sporting and urban comfy style .

Designers : Tapo Shotadze and Likuna Chitaia.



Sometimes you need an area to be inspired , listen to some good music, drink coffee in a outdoor café and read craft books , totally unique vintage magazines with patterns , find some fine art paintings , stylish contemporary furniture , handmade postcards and wonders for your wardrobe for every season ! Dots Tbilisi is a place for perfectionist women and soon for little angel babies too ! we have a new collection of children’s clothing ! Stay tuned and come for relax in our store

Retro Is Reborn


After all the mixture of modern accessories and geometric shapes , you just want to find some breathtaking retrospective piece of love .
Long sleeve , cropped or polka dotted goodness that Unique Vintage is known for.
Getting dressed like this Dots vintage style , there’s no doubt that your outfits will gain quite a few compliments, darling!
Retro orange , yellowish-brown and reborn old style

Super talanted photographer @louisa_s
Model : @annamariafoxy
Make up : @chantamakeupartistFor @ketevan_saqareli Jewelry

Street Style


Tbilisi's favorite color is ... Black ! Bomber jackets , elegant coats , thick heel shoes , big clutches , long scarves , big-hit accessories, mixture of classic and sport style , knitted , dotted , tattered , rough ,vintage , urban .

Sometimes luxury and sometimes inexpensive lifestyle and mood to shop second-hand clothing .
People in Tbilisi are simultaneously influenced by the Soviet and European fashion and it is so interesting .

We will upload the street style shots . Our store is a place ,where you can see the fashion trends and eras . It's located in Tbilisi. The city of chaos and love .

Tasty Dots


Come and drink tasty cappuccino with cheesecakes for your better mood to shop and read if you want to educate yourself in fashion and read fantastic essential books that leads you to the chronicles of outwardly flamboyant industry

Dots For Winelovers


Dots cafe is heaven for winelovers . You can find both big wine brands and home made different local brands.

New wine brand named Baia’s wine produced by 22-year-old lady winemaker . Baia has produced Tsitsa - Tsolikouri (White Dry ) that you can taste in Dots.
Baia and her family generally produce dry wines, since the micro-climate in their home village of Obcha is perfect for them: “We mainly have white dry and semi-dry wines here. Most of them are made from Tsolikauri grapes, since they are most widespread in our area. By the way, some books on winemaking also call them Obchura, which means ‘from Obcha’ in Georgian,” young entrepreneur explains.

Source : Georgian Journal



You are individual . You are possessing your needs and goals . You don't mind influences . For you the key to looking good is being confident with yourself. You reflect your mind and present it for others . You are developing your unique style .You dare to be yourself . You are shining example of diversity . You have your tricks . You create your signature and need some dots to complete your fashionindividual soul !

You see the mirror with some phrase being repeated with mantras principle ( artist Zurab Arabidze ) where sub-consciousnessis and deep feelings are expressed . This artwork is in our store.



Today I want to write about the recurrent period which started with Sputnik and proceeded with technological wonders,when the future was ultramodern . The middle of the 20th century - the evolution of the Space Race .

Fashion is a faced history . It reflected new age and showed no limits of human imagination .

We all remember Pierre Cardin, 1968, Space-age fashion and
Authentic RARE 60's Andre Courreges, Silver, Space Age Mod, Boots, Runway

Dots Fall Collection :

Contemporary Store


Art is our salvation

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