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The magic equation


This spring, for those last-minute packers, or for those who are simply stumped on what to wear, we've made your weekend wardrobe easy.We thought we’d share an outfit formula that works for almost any occasion, from a casual weekend outing to a dressier evening event.

The magic equation is this: 1. Once basic - DOTS ladylike dress featuring vertical blue and white stripes (love the optical illusion!) is a prime example of neutrals done right.Stripes are everywhere , for a timeless sea-worthy look, stick to stripes in go-to primary colors like red and blue.
2.Plus one interest piece - Ketevan Saqareli Jewelry created of semi-precious metals and materials based on ancient enamel technology.(makes the outfit feel more thought-out—think)
3.One and more completer pieces - Kanchaveli handbag

this formula works every time to create outfits that are interesting and fashion-forward.


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