Parka ( cover it all up )

    Rainy days don't have to be blah - Parka ( cover it all up ) . When it comes to rainy-day outerwear, most of us reach for the least raincoat-y option available which will cheer us up regardless of the weather.Today , dressing chic comes effortless but temperatures making us all wish global warming would hurry up .The Parka, or Anorak, has made a return this year for the cooler months. Dots electric blue raincoat adds a pop of color to the usual subdued autumn palette and goes from play-day puddle jumping to making a splash on city streets.( Hood,Front pockets,Water resistant,Fully lined , Polyurethane; spot clean.) It's also a great price, because they tend to get expensive quick and also brings some much-needed color to dreary days.

Model : Nina Gelashvili

1. Wear them over ragged jeans with socks and ankle boots for a relaxed look. Don't forget DOTS "Les Masochistes" Top ( inspired by Éric Losfeld (Mouscron, 1922 - Paris, 1979) was a Belgian-born French publisher who had a reputation for publishing controversial material with his publishing imprint Éditions Le Terrain Vague ) or over a jersey dress or fitted skirt to heat things up a little.