If you were lucky, you never threw out the checked clothes you wore the last time it was in style , but if you are not , or just want to refresh your wardrobe , check for checked chic wonders from our fall collection . It's packed with nostalgia and wearable . For weekend brunches and daytime events the best decision is our X-line dress.
There may not be a movie that loves plaid more than Clueless ( There are 163 checked outfit moments ) . We all remember Model in a dress by Antonelli, photo by Regina Relang, Rome, 1965-66 , Mary Quant for J.C. Penney 1966 . For nostalgic Brits this trend is the best of all the past eight decades. The mini-skirt and mini checked dress made famous by Twiggy , posing in London in late 60's.
" Manufacturers (influenced by tartans and plaids), took the raw fabric and decided to forgo the stripes in favor of the UK’s ever popular checked pattern. The fabric and its trademark checks became increasingly more prevalent until it was one of the most common and recognizable fabrics in the world, seen on Southern literary types, and London bankers alike."-GQ