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DOTS is known for its trendy and sophisticated yet functional style and affordable pricing. Georgian Ready-To-Wear Brand is beloved for its timeless wardrobe essentials with quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Effortlessly put-together, Dots elegant, and modern collections bear a polished yet youthful appeal, which results in season-spanning pieces.

DOTS started out in 2016 as the newest addition to the “Fashion House Materias” brand portfolio. “Fashion House Materia” was established in 1949 and remains one of the oldest apparel manufacturers and fashion retailers in Georgia.

The experience gained from operating alongside the European and Soviet fashion houses gave the brand a strong foundation to rebuild when it became privatized after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Fashion House Materia fully controls the production of its goods and does not indulge in outsourcing. Each item is fully crafted in Tbilisi, Georgia in Materia factory, thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, high production capabilities, and an extremely competent workforce, which consists of more than 95% of Women.

As for international achievements, Dots frequently interacts with foreign markets and consumers from all around the world.

Seasonal collections can be found at, CITY MALL PREMIUM SPACE & GALLERIA TBILISI, in multiple central locations in Tbilisi and online-shopping platforms.

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