Dots Initiative For Reducing Covid-19 Impact

The factory is fully adapted and focused on the production of medical supplies, including scrubs, medical shoe covers, face masks and jumpsuits.

Protecting the environment at each stage of the activity, sustainability and social compliance are the fundamental aspects of brands activities. That is why Dots’s main task is to create a product that is both medically endorsed and environmentally friendly, 98% of the raw materials used in production are upcycled and biodegradable. The waste fabric used for this initiative does not contain any poisonous chemicals and moreover, after expiration it is not environmentally harmful and can be recycled.

The initiative is charitable, protective face masks made at this stage are designed for Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital with the aim to help the health sector. Even a small contribution has a great importance and in DOTS, we believe that working together can help the world to defeat pandemic in time.

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