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DOTS started out in 2016 as the newest addition to the Fashion House Materias brand portfolio, whose roots date back to 1949 and remains one of the oldest apparel manufacturers and fashion retailers in Georgia.

DOTS is known for its trendy and sophisticated yet functional style and affordable pricing. Georgian RTW brand is beloved for its timeless wardrobe essentials with quality materials and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Brand fully controls the production of its goods and does not indulge in outsourcing. Each item is fully crafted in Tbilisi, Georgia in Materia factory, thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, high production capabilities, and an extremely competent workforce, which consists of more than 95% of women.


DOTS is a capsule subsidiary brand of MATERIEL to which we can confidently assign the status of the up-cycled brand since 90% of garments are made from the remaining fabrics and other materials. The direction to full brand conscientiousness is the corporation’s key objective. DOTS main focus aside from eco-conscious RTW women and kids’ garments are categories such as shoes, jewelry, bags, and sunglasses.

Seasonal collections can be found in two stores located in Tbilisi and online, offering worldwide shipping. Find the information about stores in the footer.